Originator of KAWARA SOBA

Story of Kawara Soba

KAWARA SOBA was created by Shinichi Takase, the founder of Kawara Soba Takase. He was impressed by the story about the soldiers from the Satsuma Domain who ate wild grass and meat etc. cooked on a Japanese Kawara (roof tile) while they were laying siege to Kumamoto Castle during the long battles of the Seinan War in 1877. He developed the soba with a unique recipe using decades old Japanese Kawara. On delicate but delicious green tea soba, beef, thinly sliced fried egg, seaweed, grated daikon and chili, with a slice of lemon on top, is served with our original soba soup. The unique “Kawara Soba” has a reputation and many customers come from all over Japan to try it.

Kawara Soba

Local cuisine of Yamaguchi Prefecture, Kawara Soba

1962, Kawara Soba was created at our soba restaurant and gained a great reputation, and eventually it became the Specialty of the Kawatana Onsen area. After, it spread to various places in Yamaguchi Prefecture including in Shimonoseki city as a local gourmet food. Nowadays, Kawara Soba can be cooked at home. To enjoy this local dish of the people of Yamaguchi prefecture, stir fry boiled green tea soba in a frying pan or on an electric griddle, put the other ingredients on it and serve with a dark soup.

per plate 1,430yen (including tax)
*This picture is for two people.

Green Tea Soba

KyotoUji Matcha ☓ HokkaidoBuckwheat flour

Takase’s green tea soba is made of Uji Matcha and Buckwheat Flour to bring out the flavor of our Kawara Soba. Very aromatic, Uji Matcha is made with Uji tea leaves grown under a cheesecloth that are then ground in the traditional way, using a quern stone. Buckwheat Flour is grown in Hokkaido, Japan’s largest soba producing area.

How to Eat