Originator Kawara Soba

Originator Kawara Soba

1,430 yen (including tax) for one serving

KAWARA SOBA was created by Shinichi Takase, the founder of Kawara Soba Takase. He was impressed by the story about the soldiers from the Satsuma Domain who ate wild grass and meat etc. cooked on a Japanese Kawara (roof tile) while they were laying siege to Kumamoto Castle during the long battles of the Seinan War in 1877. He developed the soba with a unique recipe using decades old Japanese Kawara.


2,530 yen (including tax)

Another Takase specialty, Unameshi, is as famous as Kawara Soba. Please enjoy the savory and delicious Japanese eel gently grilled with a superb sauce. Even more delicious with our carefully selected condiments. Add wasabi, condiments, pour the hot dashi (broth) over the rice, and then taste the eel and rice together.