A la Carte

Enjoy the deliciousness of the ingredients in our hearty meals.

Originator Kawara Soba

Originator Kawara Soba

The famous Kawara Soba has beef, thinly sliced fried egg, seaweed, grated daikon and chili, with a slice of lemon on top of the delicate but delicious green tea soba.

Unameshi (Eel rice)

Unameshi (Eel rice)

Another Takase specialty, Unameshi, is as famous as Kawara Soba. Please enjoy the savory and delicious Japanese eel gently grilled with a superb sauce.

  • Tempura platter

    Tempura platter

    1144yen (including tax)

  • Fugu skin

    Fugu skin

    561yen (including tax)

    *Served in our Honkan, Higashikan, Minamikan, and Mojiko restaurants.

  • Shirako tofu

    Shirako tofu

    506yen (including tax)

  • Deep-fried shirako tofu with dashi

    594yen (including tax)

  • Tempura and rice with dashi

    Tempura and rice with dashi

    792yen (including tax)

  • Sea bream and rice with dashi

    Sea bream and rice with dashi

    935yen(including tax)